Life Water Campaign

Worked in teams and competed with in our class to create key visuals to accompany one of the three Series 9 LIFE WTR bottles. We created an image that focused on our concept Clarity Within Chaos using photography to utilize depth of field in an abstract image of flowers to connect to the eco-friendly aspect of this company and these bottles. We won the competition and the work will be produced in the Spring 2021 semester.

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taylor mazzarella 
emily watkins
emily parker

In order to best capture our concept of “Clarity Within Chaos” we decided to go with this image where the water droplets are in focus and the flowers are blurry. This provides these moments of clarity in an otherwise chaotic image. The overall image itself is abstract and relates to the bottle we chose.


The epoxy sticker would be a type of merch that goes along with the animated mural. People would be able to pick these up when they visit the mural and interact with it.


For the poster we needed to include had assets we needed to include like the tagline, sub-copy and the Life WTR logo. Additionally we needed to create a custom stamp that said “Designed by Penn State Graphic Design.” We wanted this to subtly mimic the Life WTR logo to create a balance and cohesion. We also included droplets on the poster to relate to the droplets in the photo, we did this to add more dimension and make the poster feel life like. 

The vending snipe uses the same assets and water droplets as the poster but lives in a smaller format in the top left corner of vending machines.


The animated billboard would live on tv screens in public spaces where you would buy the bottle like cafeterias, airports, hub areas, etc. This would promote the brand and encourage people to buy this water bottle.


The animated mural shows depth by taking you throw the photo and then having the LIFE WTR and Designed by Penn State logos appear. This would be projected onto a wall in a public space for people to interact with and take photos in front of while also promoting the LIFE WTR brand.