We saw a problem in the way sexual health products (specifically condoms) are being branded. The majority of these products are branded in a masculine and aggressive way. This often leads to women and people of the LGBTQIA+ community feeling uncomfortable buying these products and furthermore feeling judged for being in possession of them.

So we created Ludus, a sexual health company that relieves these anxieties and focuses on making sex beautiful and natural. Ludus is one of the greek types of love that represents playful and uncommitted love. We wanted our brand to use inspiration from these greek and renaissance muses to invite consumers to feel more comfortable purchasing all types of condoms
Taylor Mazzarella
Emily Watkins


Condom/Dental Dam Packaging: These feature renaissance inspired photos that focus on the body parts of an individual rather than their looks in order to make the consumer feel confident and comfortable.

Normal Packaging: This would come in three variations. One for normal inside/outside condoms, one for dental dams, and a variety pack that would include both. 

The Confidante: This is a refillable box option that people would have the option to buy. It is an engraved, wooden box that clasps in the front in order to provide privacy while being able to be left out on a bedside table without feeling judged or uncomfortable. 


The photos in the social campaign were heavily inspired from renaissance paintings of greek goddesses and muses. We wanted to create an ethereal feel in the photos that felt inviting and seductive.

The social campaign itself resembles that of a diary and lets you into the model’s inner thoughts about love and sex. The social campaign promotes the overarching brand of Ludus and its mission to make having sex be a be beautiful, inviting and comfortable.


We created website and application mock ups for Ludus. We want the user to feel invited and be able to easily navigate the platforms so that they can make sure they are getting what they need. We also would want the brand to have a social presence, mainly on instagram, to promote the brand and gain a larger following.